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    Harley Breakout

    See Dyno Sheet.

  • Image 3
    Dyno Sheet

    For the Harley Breakout..

  • Image 2
    Destroyer HD


  • Image 2
    Destroyer HD


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    347" stroked 302" Ford Small block.

    Scat stroker rotating assembly with all forged internals, hydraulic roller cam, ported aluminum heads, stainless valves and roller rocker arms.

  • Image 5
    Speedmaster Stack Fuel injection, operated with a Fast Technologies computer. Estimated streetable Horsepower is 435 HP at 6000 RPM.

Welcome to Tuf-Enuf...

The dyno sheet is my street bike 2017 Harley Breakout. On pump gas. It runs low 11 sec at 119 mph. Stock hp was 76 hp.

The Destroyer HD dragbike (orange) makes 171 HP and runs low 9 second quarter miles at about 138 mph. It was a 1 year only HD dragbike in 2007. They made 622 of them only.